Dragonfly 28 Performance


Dragonfly 28 is the ultimate trailerable trimaran, the ‘Swiss Army knife’ of our range; compact, versatile and multifunctional. As a result it is our most popular model, with over 275 built.

Dragonfly 28 is available in Touring and Performance versions, but the accommodation is the same in both. However the Performance version on display has a taller carbon rig and more powerful floats, which offer a more dynamic sailing experience. As a result, each boat is optimised to its owner’s wishes.

Dragonfly 28 trimaran is for the modern sailor, who demands multiple roles from their boat. It’s as happy gliding up to your favourite beach for a family picnic as it is exhilarating on the race course. Separate cabins, a generous galley and an enclosed heads with marine WC all ensure your family are comfortable and have privacy when cruising.

The Swing Wing system allows it to fold quickly to access a single marina berth or the road trailer. This is operated from the cockpit in less than 1 minute per side, and without any tools. The kick-up centreboard and rudder allow Dragonfly 28 to float in knee-deep water, for easy access to your favourite beach. In addition, huge lockers in the floats accommodate extra sails, inflatable paddle boards, folding bikes etc.

Dragonfly 28 proved its extraordinary performance once again in Round the Island Race 2023. Winner of the Multihull class (with a sister-ship 3rd), it was also 15th fastest out of all 1,100+ entries sailed by a crew of just 3!

Dragonfly 28 by Rick Tomlinson
Dragonfly 28 sailing at windspeed
Dragonfly 28 folded for marina
Dragonfly 28 unfolded
Dragonfly 28 cockpit
Dragonfly 25 and 28
Dragonfly 28 trimaran galley
Dragonfly 28 with optional elm interior
Dragonfly 28 galley port side
Dragonfly 28 galley starboard side
Dragonfly 28 main cabin with elm interior
Dragonfly 28 main cabin with port berth unfolded
Dragonfly 28 forward cabin
Dragonfly 28 aft berth below cockpit
Dragonfly 28 on road trailer
Dragonfly 28 nosed up to the beach