Dufour 41



Over the years Dufour have avoided the temptation to reuse old hull moulds to save money and so by starting with a blank sheet Dufour’s design team have been able to incorporate all the very latest design ideas whilst maintaining all the familiar features that make up Dufour’s DNA.

The expectation in todays market is that any new yacht not only has to sail well but also has to offer greater levels of comfort and superior living accommodation.

Yet at the same time when you look at the profile of the 41 you will find an incredibly sleek and good looking yacht. Notice the orientation of the hull of coachroof windows and the natural curves of the deck.

Without the restraints of borrowing from an old hull design this new model benefits from the evolution of modern hull shapes does not disappoint.

The Dufour 41 offers unparalleled space both above and below decks but not at the sacrifice of performance. The extended hull chines both fore and aft create a balanced hull shape that sails flatter, faster and is more comfortable on all points of sail.

Stepping away from tradition Dufour have brought in a new interior design team Ardizio Design for the 41 who have looked at all the areas below decks with a fresh pair of eyes.

As you explore the 41 you will appreciate the years of accumulated knowledge and understanding about modern design and how she has been configured for the needs and demands of todays owners with many new and innovative features.

You will also be amazed at how so much as been incorporated into just 41 feet !!


With a hull length of 12 meters and a beam of 4.30, she is the same length and only 10cm wider than her predecessor the Dufour 412. But with the dramatic evolution of hull shapes in the last 10 years this is the only comparison between the two boats.

The max beam has been carried further aft and with an extra 10% in length, the additional space is very noticeable offering a cockpit of a much larger yacht. As a result the cockpit seats are now also 30% longer which offers a fantastic exterior living space to enjoy spending time outside.

With the large cockpit table and newly designed steering pedestals there are additional grab handles for greater security.

You will also find the side decks are 10% wider at the shrouds but more noticeable is that the decks are 30% wider than the 412 at the entry points both forward as you step onto the foredeck and also after as you step back into the cockpit. The large and comfortable sides decks mean moving around the boat is much safer and easier and the much larger foredeck creates a large sun pad perfect for relaxing.

The freeboard is also slightly higher now which offers a greater feeling of security whilst sailing and the inverted chine along the hull to deck joint creates a much drier boat with more spray being deflected away.

But importantly don’t be concerned that sailing performance has been sacrificed for space and comfort. Quite the opposite and the desire for a yacht that performs well in a wide range of conditions was at the top of the list when the brief for the 41 went in.

Hull shapes, attention to keel and rudder design along with the refusal to move away from a single rudder all help create and yacht that will out perform anything in her category whilst still being safe and comfortable to sail.

Outdoor life takes on greater importance and meaning aboard this yacht that’s only 12 metres in length, with her extremely well-designed deck plan, easy circulation and optimised spaces for on-board comfort.


This new cruising yacht offers beautiful living spaces designed for you to make the most of the boat inside and out.

The Dufour 41 is offered with either 3 or 4 cabins and in each layout the compartment on the port side between the aft cabin and saloon can be configured as either a heads compartment, a dedicated shower area or just left as a storage area.

Unlike previous models in this size range the Dufour 41 has a true master cabin forward with a bed over 2m long and 1.6m wide and a large heads compartment. There is a really luxurious feel with plentiful storage areas and hanging spaces.

In all of the cabins as well as the saloon there are large hull & deck windows with plenty of opening hatches offering great ventilation and also plenty of natural light. It is a real standout feature down below how light and airy she feels.

The main bulkhead is welcoming and adds to the bright interior and at night the clever use of LED lighting creates and relaxing atmosphere.

The companionway stairs have been redesigned so that they are strong but also set to a specific angle of 37 degrees to make them feel comfortable as well as secure.

The galley is set up to be very convenient for 2 people to work together and there is a large double access fridge that boasts over 200L of space.

Outdoor life takes on greater importance and meaning aboard this yacht that’s over 12 metres in length, with her extremely well-designed deck plan, easy circulation and optimised spaces for on-board comfort.