Safe, stable & confidence building Fusion is the groundbreaking, ultra-modern one boat solution for families and sailing centres!

Fusion Sailboats – YouTube

Double or Single Handed

Beginner  to Advanced

Length: 3.6m   Width: 1.45m Weight:  62kg

1 – 3 Sailors

Versatile & Low Maintenance

Sail singlehanded with just the mainsail, add a jib for crew, use a Pro mainsail for more power and response, Fusion can even be rowed when there’s no wind!

  • Removable jib & simple reefing mainsail – All weather sailing
  • Pro mainsail – For more power & excitement!
  • Gennaker – For experienced sailors & racing
  • Rowing capability – Multi functionality
  • Car topable – Simple transport solution
  • Self-flushing mast step – Durable
  • Stackable – Ease of storage

Fun & Cool

Style, ergonomic excellence and what we like to call “simplicity redefined” allows Fusion to deliver the purest, most enjoyable, carefree sailing experience possible.

  • Large deep, comfortable cockpit – Ideal for adults or kids
  • Large spray rails & self-draining cockpit – Dry
  • Modern styling & design
  • Integral bow & stern handles – Ease of lifting & recovery
  • Integral cargo system – Store clothing & equipment


Durable, safe, well priced and virtually maintenance free, we excuse ourselves for asking the question…………….”What’s not to like?”

  • Stable, predictable & forgiving – Confidence building
  • Easy to right – Easy to boarding after capsize
  • High boom – Large head clearance
  • Sealed topmast – Slow capsize inversion
  • Towing bridle points – Bow & stern