The Rodman Spirit 31 has been a feature of our SIBS line up for the last few years, but we’ve mostly been displaying the outboard model. This year we’ll be bringing an inboard version with single engine to show off. The boat was ordered for owners based in Windermere, where a single inboard engine is just the ticket, and highlights the versatility of the model. With the many options for single or twin, inboard or outboard engines, the boat is also available as the hard top version or an open suiting many different boating requirements. Enjoy the beautiful interior on this boat with dark chocolate wood and cream upholstery by visiting berth M149.

The Rodman Spirit 31 is a truly versatile cruiser, with options for inboard or outboard power, single or twin engine, and even hard top or open configuration. Great performance, with the quality and seakeeping expected from Rodman.

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