Bluefield Houseboats


Bates Wharf Luxury Floating Homes manufactured by Bluefield

Introducing our new partnership with Bluefield Houseboats – a range of luxury floating homes that will revolutionise on water living!

Bluefield’s mission is to create high quality spaces for the water, maximising the use of modern technology to regenerate and up-cycle previously inaccessible ‘bluefield’ water sites into usable space.

The team has combined the benefits of the marine, manufacturing and construction industries to create dynamic, modern and sustainable residential and commercial developments, offering the same standard of living on the water as on land, with absolutely no compromises.

Bluefield is proud to build on the rich boatbuilding pedigree of Northern Ireland, and are continually developing our supply chain to be able to deliver products globally.

We will be exhibiting an M350 at the show.

Perfect for rivers, lakes, marinas and end-of-garden moorings, the range is factory built and easy to install, in most cases avoiding the usual planning and flood risk hassle associated with this kind of craft.