Mini Fisher


We are a family run business located in the South West of England, Portchester where you can find yourself surrounded by real peace and tranquillity. What else you need to find yourself enjoying the beauty of this beautiful surround – nothing else but our unique, light weighted, easy to handle & maintain Mini Fisher 430.

Our boats are made in Poland. The manufacturer has been producing motor boats, fishing boats and cabin boats since 1993.  Mini Fisher and other models are used widely in Germany, Poland and other European countries.

Our main model is Mini Fisher 430, which is characterised by high quality, practicality and modern design. Thanks to reliability, proven technologies and attention to detail. Our boats are ideal for people who like to spend time by the water, value a recreational lifestyle and enjoy active adventures.  Mini Fisher is a solution for customers who value comfort and safety during cruises. They can be an indispensable element of water sports. We can offer a wide selection of accessories and additions that extend the functionality of the boat and they can be adapted to individual needs and preferences. The basic material from which motor boats are made is polyester-glass laminate.

Our new model of Mini Fisher 430 will be presented at the Southampton International Boat Show 2023.

The boat can be rowed or an outboard up to 30hp can be used.  You can also choose electric outboard. Mini Fisher is easy to transport and can easily be launched by (experienced) 1 or 2 person.