Spirit Yachts


Masters of the modern classic

A passionate, lifelong sailor and skilled yacht designer, Sean McMillan founded Spirit Yachts in partnership with Mick Newman in 1993.  After thousands of sea miles delivering boats all around the globe, Sean and Mick had a clear vision: to design build the most beautiful yachts that perform on the water.

Today, led by Managing Director Karen Underwood, Spirit Yachts comprises a team of yacht specialists from all over the world.  Based at waterside premises in Ipswich, Suffolk, Spirit Yachts designs and builds custom wooden sail and motor yachts for day sailing, performance racing, blue water cruising, and sometimes a combination of all three.

Spirit Yachts designs and builds all its yachts in-house generating a collaborative approach that facilitates creativity and communication.  The journey of a new project involves the yacht’s owner from start to finish.  After establishing criteria for the yacht, hand-drawn designs evolve into flawless 3D concepts using state-of-the-art software overseen by Spirit’s in-house designers and naval architects.

All Spirit yachts are built using high quality, sustainable timber from responsibly managed forests.  Spirit Yachts’ tried and tested wood-epoxy construction method, which delivers a high strength to weight ratio, is the basis for all its yachts.  As part of Spirit Yachts’ sustainability ethos, the team works with owners and collaborates with suppliers to drive down the environmental footprint of each project.  This carbon footprint analysis results in anything from improved fuel efficiency and range right up to an almost completely self-sufficient yacht.

From specialist engineers and electricians to the meticulous finishers, Spirit’s world-class team maintains its passion for each project from beginning to end.  Spirit Yachts marries its flawless craftsmanship with the latest materials and technology to create a bespoke yacht that performs on the water.  From high-efficiency deck equipment to sustainable solutions and luxurious interiors, Spirit Yachts delivers on the individual criteria for each yacht.  Using new techniques and modern technology, Spirit Yachts continues to innovate and challenge the preconceptions of wooden boat building