Ever since our founder, Genichi Kawakami, established Yamaha Motor in 1955, it is our mission to give to ALL our customers KANDO. And not just only with our products.

KANDO is a Japanese word to express the feeling of deep satisfaction and excitement you get when you encounter something of exceptional value, quality, and performance. It’s a thrilling emotion that adds spice to your life, and makes our Hearts Revving! All our products and services have been designed and produced by people who truly enjoy what they do, and their goal is to provide you with the very best experience possible.

Whether you want to RACE faster, to FEEL the passion of riding or to find the best solution to MOVE smarter, we hope you find that Yamaha product that will give you that KANDO experience – and we hope to Rev Your Heart and see that sparkle in your eyes.

Yamaha has been at the forefront of marine innovation and engineering excellence for 60 years. We produce reliable cruising and high-powered outboard engines for everything from tenders to offshore cruisers, while pushing the boundaries of performance, fuel efficiency and innovation.

In the design and manufacture of new engines, Yamaha’s approach is focused on creating a positive customer experience, from the new user getting on the water for the first time to the expert looking to enhance the potential of its craft.