Ideal for boats 20-35 feet, Anchorlift’s Barracuda Windlass is a powerful, compact and easy to install vertical windlass. The Low Profile design minimises space required on deck and delivers smooth and silent motor/gear operation from under the deck. The deck unit and vertical shaft are constructed from the highest quality 316 Grade Stainless Steel. With a highspeed drop of up to 125ft per minute, manual free fall with adjustable clutch, resulting in long-term trouble-free operation.

Being vertical the Barracuda takes up less space on deck and is lighter than horizontal windlasses. Easy to install, vertical windlasses are better protected from direct contact with salt water, since the gear & motor are installed underneath the deck.

Barracuda windlasses work with both ‘chain only’ or a ‘rope/chain’ combinations. 1/4″ HT G43 chain and 1/2″ double braided or 8 plait rope.
The Barracuda 900 has a larger diameter shaft and larger gearbox for more strength and power than the 600.

Product Price
£822 inc VAT