Many materials commonly used in boatbuilding today eventually end up polluting the environment due to ending up in landfills or are simply abandoned. Our natural fibre solutions ampliTex and powerRibs do not only offer environmental benefits and viable end-of-life options, but also novel design opportunities and excellent vibration damping.

Our flax fibres are CO2 neutral over their life cycle, and the fibres themselves are biologically decomposable. The production of parts made from ampliTex™ and powerRibs™ has a 85% lower CO2 footprint than that of thin-walled monolithic carbon fibre parts with equal stiffness and weight. Production consumables are reduced, saving both costs and waste. At the end of their life, parts can be used for thermal energy recovery without residual waste within the standard waste management system rather than ending up in landfills.

ampliTex™ technical fabrics offer novel design opportunities. Naturally, it has a beautiful organic vintage look closely reminiscent of hardwood, but it can also be coloured to fit special design requirements. The material is translucent which allows for endless creative design options.

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