The Walcon Marine “System 21” pontoon design has been in use in marinas and yacht harbours around the world for well over 40 years and continues to be a market-leader to this day.

This ever-popular pontoon design has been refined and improved over many years of manufacture, implementation and testing and uses a galvanised steel frame supported on fibre-reinforced concrete floats.

“System 21” is a modular pontoon system with floating walkways, platforms and finger pontoons available to fit the majority of marinas and harbours. It offers the following design features:

A hot-dip galvanised welded steel structure, to BS EN ISO 1461
Polystyrene floats encased in fibre-reinforced concrete
Finger pontoons adjustable in position at 500mm centres
Hardwood or GRP mesh decking and hardwood fenders
Full provision for all the service requirements of modern marinas
Reinforced versions providing higher freeboards, greater live load specification and bespoke solutions also available

Durable steel structure

The combination of welded frame units using BS EN 10025 grade steel and flexible connections gives a robust and durable design. Additional or alternative paint treatments can also be specified.

Easy access to services
The standard range of interconnected units is comprised of walkway and finger units with a nominal freeboard of 500mm and a draft of 300mm.

The walkway units are ideal for use for the main access and piers of a marina as well as for many other pontoon applications. Standard lengths are 11.46 and 7.46 metres, and standard widths are 1.64, 1.93 and 2.53 metres over fender. We can also fabricate virtually any length and width to suit specific requirements.

Current TYHA guidelines recommend a minimum finger pontoon length of 75% of the length of the boat to be berthed. Walcon Marine can supply a wide range of finger pontoon lengths and widths.

Economy fingers – lightweight mooring arms are available as an alternative to 4.5 and 6.0 metre fingers.

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