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The future of sales, and the internet, is 3D. Quality art is judged on its imitation of depth, 3D its ability to recreate reality. What do people do when they first come across a new object? They pick it up, and spin it round, acquainting themselves with every angle. This fact drives the need for 3D interactivity, and we are here to deliver.

We are Other Skies, a Southampton Art-Tech start-up pioneering 3D websites and delivering quality CGI visuals to the maritime sector with our creative solutions to digital marketing in the remote era.

Other Skies is the marine sector’s new go-to for anything 3D. Presenting bespoke 3D visualisation services, whether you require a high-quality alternative to photography, animations for product breakdowns and demonstrations, or even an entirely 3D website to really stand out from the crowd, proving that quality differentiates you at every opportunity.

Present products in their best light with our showcase suites, 3D interactivity with an easy to use 360° spinner customers will notice, and marketeers will appreciate.

Making it effortless for customers to go through a catalogue, a pleasure even, 3D reactivity will surprise and delight audiences internationally.

Gamified engagement, visual communication, responsive design, all this adds up to a meaningful, one-of-a-kind, buyer-seller dynamic with reduced sales resistance, increased purchasing confidence, and a better rate of prospect conversion. Fostering a brand loyalty only quality graphical engagement can achieve.

3D web catalogues show products with dimension, and brands with depth.

Other Skies debuted as sponsors of the Southampton International boat show.


3D web catalogue –




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Environment Control

Rotational Control

Tech Spec Integration


Other Skies founders: Mitch Wisniewski, Gregory Smith, Cornel Kadillari.

Gregory Smith is an award-winning marine artist, having mastered both traditional and digital arts, his oil paintings hang in the Mall Galleries of London, earning the 2020 New Generation Artist Award.

Mitch Wisniewski graduated from Southampton Solent University in CGI, going on to win grant funding from Solent University to kickstart his entrepreneurial career. Mitch recently graduated from the Southampton Science Park’s Catalyst business accelerator program.

Cornel Kadillari is the senior systems administrator for Lewmar, originating from Germany, his expertise in IT enabled the invention of 3D websites.

Other Skies has experience in product visualisation and bespoke film-making for tech start-ups. This includes work with an esteemed Navy engineer and CEO of Maverick Aviation, creator of a jetpack promising absolute stability in human flight.

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