Interested in learning to Scuba Dive and about the adventure of Scuba Diving and the true sensation of weightlessness and breathing underwater? Then you’ll love this.

The ANDARK Try-a-Dive pool returns for 2022!

Complete beginners can experience an underwater world and try diving and seasoned PADI pros can test-drive the latest equipment – all for included with your boat show ticket!

The 15-20 minute session introduces you to Scuba diving basics and gives you a taste of what it’s like to be a diver. Start with a briefing from one of our professionally trained instructors and be introduced to the basic concepts of Scuba then it’s into the shallow pool to put on the Scuba equipment and take your first breaths underwater.

All the equipment you need will be provided including a wetsuit, as well as an area to change into your diving kit.

You can find the tank in the amazing Watersports Zone! 

Check out this video from 2018 with the Andark team to learn more about the experience and diving in general.