Our range of Air Deck V-Floor are the perfect companions for any type of on the water activity. Whether it is simply open water gliding, fishing or even coastal exploration the V-Floor Air deck will make your ride super smooth. Our v-floor Air Deck SIBS are all about performance and agility, the deep v-hull ensures the best possible stability and the drop stitched floor helps soften the ride. On all models of the air decks, there are transom tabs which make for faster planning and better performance.

Our 330 model of our V-Floor Air Deck is the largest option within our range, perfect as a coastal explorer, open water glider or fishing companion. The 330 model is CAT C classified which means is it certified in inshore with up to 2-meter-high waves. It has a capacity of up to 609kg which means it will fit 5 adults and it can be partnered with any engine up to 15hp.

Please Note: Full Range of 250, 270, 300, 330 & 380 Air V available.

330 Air V Features:

Air V high pressure air floor – ‘V hull’
Inflated Size: 3.3 x 1.55m
Weight: 35kg
0.9mm PVC
Max load: 609kg
Cat C rated
Max engine power: 15hp
5 Air chambers: 3 + 2 (floor)
Stainless steel internal davit points
Towing points on the transom and bow.

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