Safer, easier to handle, faster and a lot more spacious.. this is the new Dufour 470.
Whilst maintaining the same hull & deck design the 470 is offered in 3 different versions depending on your intended use; Easy, Ocean and Performance.

Incorporating the very latest hull designs and voluminous bow sections, the 470 offers much improved handling characteristics and reduced heel that improves comfort at sea.

At the same time the added volume dramatically improves the space down below which with the vast amount of natural light flooding in creates and wonderful interior living space.

Yachting World in their test from May 2021 sums the 470 quite nicely…

“A boat that heels less, demands fewer sail handling manoeuvres and doesn’t induce panic in gusts automatically ticks many of the requirements of a great cruising yacht. Given that more sail can be carried comfortably such a boat can also put in faster passage time.”“I tried to press the boat hard, including carrying the Code 0 in 18 knots of true breeze with the apparent wind well forward of the beam, yet it proved extremely stiff, with a reassuringly solid feel. It was simply impossible to lean the boat over onto its ear.”

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Dufour Yachts
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