IRON BOATS combme stealth, design and high functionality with integrated fenders and great seaworthiness.

With the unique fender profile and faceted surfaces, inspired by modern naval ships and aircrafts, IRON was given its own character. Even when docked, IRON powerboats remains their presence. Mannerfelt Design Team is one of the most respected design studios in the global marine industry, with more than one hundred realized boat projects, a dozen design awards and 25 world championships in racing. Today they are recognized worldwide for great design, fuel efficient hulls and innovative solutions.

The fender profile with air channels dampen movements, resonance sound and lowers the center of gravity. This contributes to a smooth and silent running hull with great seaworthiness. Last but not least, it makes mooring less stressful.

The center console provides good mobility and a large storage compartment, apart from those at bow and stern. Together with the accessible swim platforms and a waterski pole IRON boating is easy and enjoyable.

Boat Length
27'4 ft / 8.32 m