The MRS Nomad S1D is a fast long distance solo packraft with a long, narrow shape and a removable skeg which provides far improved tracking. It has a centrally positioned seat and a symmetrical bow and stern; it is the ultimate packraft for longer distance paddling, sharing the same MRS packraft qualities of durable construction, high quality materials and design, light weight and that all important packability!

This packraft, available in green, blue, red or yellow, is also equipped with a spraydeck, a frame and skirt. The spraydeck can be rolled and attached to the bow of the boat in warmer weather or when a more open feel is desired. When fully attached the spraydeck is almost entirely waterproof when used with the frame and skirt.

Also included is a removable and adjustable backrest, making this packraft easy to adjust to provide you with the most comfortable paddling position.

Unusual for packrafts, the MRS Nomad S1D also includes a removable skeg which greatly improves tracking and speed when paddling. It is for this reason that the MRS Nomad S1D is a departure from traditional packrafts which, without a skeg, have more a tendency to sway when paddling (those packrafts are more suited to dedicated river adventures and white water).

This packraft is also made using double coated TPU for the floor (840D) and tubes (210D) making it both extremely light and durable. TPU is UV-resistant, durable and makes use of sewn and welded seams.

The MRS Nomad S1D can be used on both calm coastal waters, or river and lakes. It is also suited to white water. If you are after a packraft that can do a bit of everything, the MRS Nomad S1D is for you.

It is also an additional option to have the MRS Nomad S1D with the infamous Internal Storage System (ISS) which allows you to store your items within the tubes; handy for things such as coats, boots, sleeping bags and other small travel accessories. As the MRS Nomad S1 is a great touring packraft, if you select the ISS option, it comes with two ISS zips for even more storage options. This helps to reduce clutter within the packraft whilst making water crossings or touring. It also helps to lower the centre of gravity for even better tracking. The ISS is both water tight and air tight, using a high quality sealed zip system.


Outer length; 289cm

Outer width 83cm

Inner Length; 171cm

Inner width; 30cm

Tube diameter; 26.5cm

Weight; 4.46kg

Manufacturer Warranty; 3 years

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