Parker 630 DC


As part of the brand new Parker boat leisure sports range, the Parker 630 Day Cruiser with its sleek and contemporary lines offers the right balance between style, comfort and safety benefiting both as a sports day cruiser and overnighter.

Built with stunning features, central console and a streamlined hull, the Parker 630 Day Cruiser is an excellent first boat for those who require a boat with excellent handling and a comfortable ride. Powered with a single outboard engine, it makes for a substantial weekend day cruiser giving outstanding performance as well as offering a great sense of security and manoeuvrability when required.

Designed with a remarkable amount of stylish and accessorised deck space and safe bathing platform, the 630 Day Cruiser has an amazing capacity for crewing up to 7 people providing adequate storage with front cabin accommodation and features for you and your family to use on those unforgettable day trips.

The 630 Day Cruiser is not only inviting but with all her character, she makes for a fun weekend companion when spending quality time with family, friends or those intimate weekend getaways.

LOA:                                               7.1M
Hull Length:                                 6.05M
Beam:                                            2.2M
Weight (without engine):        1300kg
Fuel Capacity:                                140L
Max Engine:                                 200hp
Persons:                                                 7
RCD/Classification:                            C