The Ribeye A811 Custom is designed with style and performance this go anyway, anytime RIB is the ultimate boat for explorers. The A811 Custom has a high volume best in class hull, a bow to stern deep-v, making it dry, safe and seriously stable at rest without compromising performance.

A fully ergonomic console with a driving position that offers everything at your fingertips with the bonus of 4 x Shock Mitigation Suspension Seats.

This Ribeye RIB offers a comfortable and safe platform whether pottering or undertaking sea crossings. A 270L tank makes a day trip to France a viable option, with its ample space making longer trips a really enjoyable experience.

The A811 is powered by a Yamaha 300 hp engine and is in RIB Shack’s custom colours and spec.

Exhibitor Name
RIB Shack Marine
Boat Length
8.11 Metres