Bruntons Propellers


With a complete range of propeller types, folding, feathering, CPP and fixed bladed, it is hardly surprising that we do not have to try and impress a potential client that a particular type is the right one for their yacht when it often isn’t. At Bruntons, unlike other propeller manufacturers, we design and manufacture every type, and ensuring that our clients have exactly the right propeller for their yacht is our main concern.

Our Autoprop feathering and Varifold folding propellers are highly regarded by yachtsmen the world over and there are many yacht builders who fit our propellers as standard. If you have a yacht with electric power our new Autoprop Eco*Star propeller, which is the result of considerable research and development, is now available for both sailing and displacement motor yachts. If you have a requirement for something more specialised our CPP propeller may be the one.

Having exactly the right propeller on your yacht can significantly improve performance under sail and power. You will find yourself sailing faster and using less fuel and creating fewer emissions when under power.

If you are happy with your propeller but noise and vibration are a problem our SigmaDrive can radically reduce any shaft transmission noise and vibration that is being created.

Whatever your propeller or stern gear requirement please do come and see us at the show.