Founded in 2016, Coptrz are pioneers in the field of commercial drone solutions. Steve Coulson and Paul Luen, the visionary minds behind Coptrz, recognised the growing demand for drone technology, and armed with a shared passion for technology and innovation, the two of them embarked on a journey to create a company that would offer ‘best in class’ enterprise drone solutions.

Emerging as a trailblazing British-based company, we harnessed the immense potential of drones to bring about a transformative impact across diverse industries such as surveying, inspection, public safety and more. Through our ingenious approach and expertise, Coptrz has become instrumental in revolutionising businesses through the use of drones.

Before establishing Coptrz, formerly known as Martek Drones, Steve and Paul were co-founders of Martek Marine which was founded in 2000. Martek Marine is a renowned global provider of cutting-edge maritime safety and environmental monitoring solutions. Steve’s experiences during his time in the Royal Navy provided him with invaluable knowledge, which he leveraged to create Martek Marine. As time passed, the company experienced significant growth and ultimately, in 2019, James Fisher & Sons PLC acquired the company, allowing Steve to shift his focus entirely to his work at Coptrz.

Coptrz has a compelling mission: to revolutionise organisations using drones, and we are already making significant strides, serving a customer base of over 1,000 esteemed companies, including well-known names such as Costain, Pfizer, PwC, BMW, Ford, Thames Water, Ministry of Defence, and various Police and Fire Services.