Darglow Engineering


Darglow has over 30 years’ experience in feathering propeller design. When sailing the FeatherStream propeller automatically feathers to give minimum drag, improving your average sailing speed by as much as 15% (compared to a fixed 3 bladed propeller). Suitable for shaft drive or saildrive applications. Delivered fully assembled, ready to be fitted.  With its unique external pitch adjuster (allowing fine tuning of the pitch in less than 15 mins) and its ability to fit into an aperture if required, we believe FeatherStream to be one of the finest propellers on the market today.

Available sizes 12” to 24” diameter

3, 4 or 5 blade options to choose from.


Our HydroAxe rope cutters require NO MODIFICATIONS to the saildrive unit, shaft, or propeller. The HydroAxe is designed for simple installation.

The HydroAxe is compatible with almost all fixed, feathering, and folding propellers on the market on both saildrive and shaftdrive installations.


Here at Darglow we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service in both our pre and post sales which extends over the entire life of our products. Our reach extends internationally with our FeatherStreams, HydroAxe rope cutters and FlexOFolds fitted across the globe. We also offer a full reconditioning service for MaxProp propellers.