Ecor Pro



We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and recognise that environmental performance is critical to the successful operation of our company.

To understand how we are reducing our carbon read about us

Our engineers are based in the UK but have a very good understanding of the world market.

The importance of adopting best environmental practices is enshrined in our culture.

We don’t say we are the biggest.  What we aim for constantly is to be the most efficient manufacturer.  Our unchanging goal in these times of climate change and rising energy costs is to ensure that the amount of energy used to extract a pint or litre of liquid is less than that used by our competitors’ machines.

Using less electrical power to do the same job not only has a direct cost saving for customers but also helps to preserve our planet.

We also think very carefully about the longevity of products.

A big reason why customers come to us is that they have been unhappy with the number of faults they have found with previous products or just how short a time they last.

By making our product sustainable in the supply chain and cutting out costs, we can afford not to cheapen products but to add in value where it counts.  A product has to work and keep on working while being quick and easy to repair if something does go wrong. In a nutshell, that’s what Ecor Pro dehumidifiers deliver.