GN Espace Galley Solutions


GN Espace is a UK-based specialist galley company, whose innovative marine cooker designs and integrated systems are chosen by the world’s leading yacht builders as original equipment for their galleys.

With a choice of electric, induction or traditional LPG Gas, our cookers deliver ‘home from home’ no compromise domestic style cooking capabilities on board.

At this year’s show GN Espace will be celebrating 15 years in business.  A bigger and better stand will reveal yet more galley and cooking products that are leading the way in innovative on-board energy savings.

GN Espace is incredibly proud of attaining some key goals in the field of energy saving in an arena which sees yachts moving towards all-electric capabilities and away from fossil fuel generation and gas cooking.

Amongst the new offerings at Southampton is a Deck Griddle, an on-deck electric outdoor griddle, which boasts a host of features for simple and easy cooking while using cutting edge technology to keep energy consumption to a minimum. Plus there’s an Oven Eco-door, which can be fitted to the inside of a boat’s electric oven door to keep heat in, so that a hot casserole of food, just cooked on the hob, can keep on slow cooking without the oven even being turned on, in the style of a traditional hay oven – another significant energy saver.

GN Espace is the only company in the UK currently selling electric induction cookers in the marine market. The marine grade components and the performance of our products at sea have turned the electric dream into reality.  It is very rewarding to see how successfully electric cookers have entered the marketplace.

GN Espace will also exhibit its established range of both gas and electric cookers at Southampton along with sinks and galley solutions for every size and type of yacht.