Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust


We’re delighted that the Solent Seagrass Restoration Project has been chosen as Southampton International Boat Show’s charity of the year.

For over 60 years Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust have protected the wildlife and wild places of Hampshire, the Island and our local seas.

With miles of stunning coastline, a shallow strait, and easy access to the seas beyond, our two counties share a wonderful marine environment. As well as being vital to our health and wellbeing, our waters bring fun, employment, and inspiration to thousands of people each day, and are central to our region’s identity.

Unfortunately our marine wildlife is struggling to cope with increasing pressure from human activity. Our coastal habitats are being damaged and many amazing species are in danger of disappearing altogether. Nature is at a tipping point, and if we want to stop further decline then we must act now.

To work towards our vision of a wilder future and 30% of land and sea restored for nature Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust has joined forces with Boskalis Westminster and The University of Portsmouth to undertake a seagrass restoration project within the Solent.

We want to see seagrass habitats in the Solent restored towards their historical levels and for seagrass to be present in all locations that could support it.  By restoring seagrass habitats, we will create a wilder Solent, supporting increased biodiversity and sustainable fisheries, promoting greater ecosystem services, cleaner water and creating a natural carbon solution to mitigate the effects of climate change.