Perfect boat provisioning partner.  ‘Mash Potato’ Like you’d never believe!

Ready in less than one minute, just boil the kettle!   Over 1.4 million households now buy Idahoan® Perfect Mash* as a high-quality short cut saving time and energy.

Idahoan® is no longer a secret, as smart shoppers and creative cooks are using Idahoan’s Perfect Mash to transform UK mealtimes.  Idahoan® start with 100% real potatoes then we simply wash, peel, boil and mash the fresh potatoes.  Using our Fresh Dried™ process, we gently remove all the water and add some milk, butter and seasoning all ready for you to simply boil the kettle and stir in the hot water from the kettle, ready in less than a minute and available in six delicious flavours including Buttery, Cheddar & Butter & Herb, with our bacon and cheese also being a massive hit!  Saves on provisioning weight, storage space and energy.

Idahoan® Perfect Mash can be found in the tinned vegetable section of your favourite supermarket.  Go to for more details and recipe ideas.