Marine Matters


Marine Matters are excited to be introducing two high quality, well established, Internationally recognised RIB brands, to the UK in 2023, bringing a fresh look to the RIB market.

Joker Boat RIBs have been designed and built in Italy for 49 years – in 2023 they have arrived in the UK. Exhibiting for the first time at the Southampton International Boat Show on stand F025. Joker Boat are displaying three of their most popular RIBs selected from 14 different RIBs from 5.2m to 13.5m:

Coaster 650 Plus

Clubman 22 Plus

Clubman 24

Joker Boat RIBs are a high quality brand with the very best combination of design features from the excellent hull shapes to the overall comfort of seating and sundecks. They have a host of features that make them the cut above and all at a price that makes them more than competitive. The  devil is in the detail so come and see what Joker Boat has done to make your experience the best available.

Come and meet the Marine Matters team and explore the models and as Joker Boats like to say “Create Your Uniqueness”

Tiger Marine RIBs have been producing RIBs for 28 years and while they have a big presence in Europe, America and Australia they are debuting in the UK for the first time at Southampton International Boat Show, stand F025. At the show you can see five models from their extensive range of 21 RIBs from 2.4m – 8.5m. The choice of 5 model types ensure that the Tiger Marine can provide a RIB for all tastes and budgets. At the show you can see:

ProLine 740

TopLine 650

TopLine 600

SportLine 520

ProTender 340

Marine Matters are bringing these two new brands to the UK, supporting them with 22 years of marine industry experience during which we have developed our Solent Collect Warranty® and our RIB Owners’ Club.

Come and find us on stand F025 in Mayflower Park to discuss how we can help you achieve your boating desires.