Nord Star Finland


Nord Star Heritage is important being more than 100 years old and a third generation Finnish boat builder

Our totally in house production methods in our state of the art halls are second to none.

The Voyages of the Northern seas – seaworthiness, comfort and modern elegance.

The Lindkvist Family started building boats in 1920’S, when Sivert Lindkvist mastered the art of boat building and started to craft boats also for demand. With fresh vision and passionate inspiration, each generation has been keen to save the traditional craftsmanship as well as acquire modern skills about boat construction and company development. As Simon Lindkvist, the fourth generation boat builder and company leader, the company strives to continue providing premium handcrafted boats with top notch design and superior technical qualities. As a privately owned family company, we stand behind our products and devotion to build boats to last a lifetime.

Robust Construction meets Bespoke Details. 

Every Nord Star is silent, no any unwanted noises or is archived by intelligent design, sound dampening and quality control. The marriage of upper structure and the ready hull is solid. The sound dampening is made by a specific multi-layer dampening mat which ensures better results and lasts longer than commonly used foam solutions.

Full Laminated Hull Beam Technology 

The sturdy and capable hull is the base of seaworthiness & ride quality. Laminating the inner high torsion stringer beams to an integral part of the outer hull structure ensures a long lifetime and very solid torsional structural load. This gives more performance and saves the environment by reducing the fuel consumption as well.

The Newest Nordstar 42 will be showcased at The Southampton Boat Show.