Regal Boats



With God’s help, we will develop an exceptional team dedicated to enriching lives and providing an awesome boating experience.

  • We build memories. We build family. Our purpose is to honor God and enrich lives. Because we believe in protecting the things that matter most.

A Stake in Our Builders

An appreciation for perfect craftsmanship comes from knowing what it is.

Regal embodies a commitment to crafters who have both experience and a refined perception of what makes a boat extra-ordinary. We’ve built a core of passionate specialists through our Master Builder Program that’s been critical to our legacy and success. These Builders have demonstrated mastery over all areas of responsibility, and they continue to pass on the know-how to new generations. We hold the highest respect for our craftsman and the sense heritage that flows through their work.

Leaders of Our Fleet

Our expert team members of Gold and Platinum statuses exemplify a deep understanding for technical expertise and aptitude. They are select crafters who are widely considered as the finest in their respective focus — assembly, upholstery, lamination, cabinet shop, or panel and harness. Our crafters exude empathy and exemplary work habits in attendance, cleanliness and technical care. The candidates possess the heart of a leader and an active guide. They understand the importance of team bonding, family, safety and craftsmanship.

Quality and Consistency

The investment of time and trust from Regal Boats and its craftsmen lead all of us to increased quality and consistency of the highest standards. More than 32 Master Builders call Regal their home and that number continues to grow.