RIB Shack Marine


RIB Shack Marine offer a unique shared boat ownership scheme where the owners really do own the boat.  We offer:

Highly spec’d Axopar 28 & 37 cabin models as well as top of the range Ribeye RIB’s.

Boats sold in 25% shares so 4 owners share the boat.

RIB Shack Marine then manage the boat on the owners behalf.

Boats are all supplied brand new.

Convenient and easy way to enjoy time on the water.

Flexible usage.

Hassle free with no limits and no restrictions – just enjoyment.

At the end of the management agreement the boat is sold and the sales proceeds split between the 4 owners making it a very cost effective boating soltution.

Come and see us on stand E084 in Mayflower Park to discuss how we can help you achieve your boating dreams.