The company was established in 2015 to develop electrical propulsion solutions under the name THRUSTME.

Our main goal was to develop electrical products for the sports and outdoor industry to make activities such as kayaking and canoeing more safe, accessible and fun.

The team has over 20 years of experience from the subsea and aviation industry and are well equipped with knowledge and knowhow for the technical challenges in the future.

There are currently two available models:

The Kicker

Lightweight and compact, the kicker lends itself perfectly as a short range propulsion system for a tender that will get you to and from the shore with no fuss and no noise. A fully enclosed propeller is powered by a 1000W brushless motor coupled to an integrated 259 Wh Lithium battery. At only 4.7kg the kicker is light enough to pass up from a tender to a yacht single-handedly.

The Cruiser

The Cruiser is an electrical motor weighing only 3.3 kg with an integrated battery, making it easy to fit on most floating devices. It’s controlled with a remote, making it for an easier and more  enjoyable trip. Suitable for kayaks, canoes & paddleboards.