Wessex Resins & Adhesives


Wessex Resins & Adhesives manufactures the renowned WEST SYSTEM, PRO-SET and ENTROPY RESINS Epoxy products for Europe, the Middle East and Africa under licence from Gougeon Brothers Inc. in the USA.



After five decades of continuous innovation, WEST SYSTEM® epoxy continues to be recognised as one of the best general purpose marine grade epoxies in the world.

Superior strength and moisture resistance have made WEST SYSTEM epoxy the number one choice for marine repair and maintenance. The outstanding performance of WEST SYSTEM 105 Epoxy Resin when mixed with one of the WEST SYSTEM Hardeners is matched and enhanced by the breadth of the WEST SYSTEM product line.


PRO-SET® Products

PRO-SET® composite products provide a specialist range of epoxy systems for building high-performance, lightweight composite structures that can withstand the harshest environments.

PRO-SET epoxies include specialist formulations for laminating, infusion, adhesive applications and tooling, complemented by a range of process equipment.

The PRO-SET epoxy range includes formulated, modern, high performance bio-based epoxies for composite manufacture. Specifically for composite manufacturers wanting to reduce their carbon footprint our bio based epoxies will produce lightweight, durable structures for the demanding composite industry. The biobased products include systems for Infusion through to hand laminating, to assembly adhesives and have been formulated based upon our vast experience and knowledge of the demanding performance criteria needed from the epoxy systems.


Entropy Resins® Products

Entropy Resins high performance bio based epoxies are used in a variety of applications, from coating and laminating at room temperature, compression moulding, and casting and embedding to produce water clear, UV-stable finishes. Due to their sustainability credentials, Entropy Resins are used extensively by action sport goods manufacturers for the construction of such items as surf and snowboards.

We replace petroleum-based carbon with renewable plant-based carbon and using an international standard method of radiocarbon dating we verify the renewable content of our products.


The range is already a firm favourite among makers and creatives who love its usability and physical properties – stunning end results can be created with clear casting, like ‘river’ tables.  The range includes


ONE – General Purpose Epoxy – General laminating/adhesive/coating system – Woodworking.

CLR – Clear Laminating Epoxy – composite laminating and clear sheathing – Surfboards, etc.

BRT – Optically Brightened Laminating Epoxy – composite laminating and sheathing over white surfaces –  White Surfboards.

CCR – Clear Casting Epoxy – Casting, potting & Embedment’s – pour on coatings, jewellery, art and hobby projects, resin pour furniture.

305 – Compression Moulding – Heat assisted compression moulding – Ski, snowboard, wakeboard, skateboard, etc.


Wessex products

Our range of off-the-shelf epoxy products provides high quality, proven solutions for a huge number of specialist applications.

We understand that our customers have individual and distinct requirements for epoxies that call for custom formulations.

It may be that you need a solution that works with a particular substrate, or an epoxy that functions in extreme conditions. We will consult with you to determine the formulation you need – whether that is an epoxy from our extensive range, or a customised solution.


PRO-VAC Products

PRO-VAC Vacuum Consumables range offers readily accessible products to fulfil the needs of technically advanced composites manufacturers. Our products cover the consumable needs for the whole spectrum of applications from low-temperature wet lay-up and infusion to autoclave curing.


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Thanks to our expert knowledge and skills, we are also one of the few companies able to develop bespoke epoxies for niche and unique applications. Our technical team and chemists will work with organisations to formulate customised solutions to meet individual requirements. Other organisations will also partner with us as part of a ‘toll manufacturing’ arrangement in which their own capabilities are augmented by our specialist equipment and over three decades of expertise in the field of resins and adhesives.


In all cases, we go the extra mile to share our expertise and first-class technical support services. Where possible this extends beyond our partners and distributors to the end user.