A New Membership Option for FlexiSail

MDL Marina Queen Anne Battery

FlexiSail Boat Club is introducing a new membership option called Yaw, which offers members the flexibility to reallocate a limited number of their sailing days to the new location in Plymouth. It’s all about flexibility and allowing members to explore various sailing experiences. Hence the name Yaw; a temporary deviation from course.

The first boat available for Yaw members to move their membership to is “River Song,” a stunning Dufour 380 Grand Large, based in the scenic Plymouth and Queen Annes Battery Marina. The launch of Yaw is being announced ahead of the Southampton International Boat Show, where new members can learn more about this exciting feature.  Plus, we will be hosting the ‘Try-a-Boat’ area on the Marina – stay tuned for more details on tickets for these additional activities!

If you’re interested in the benefits of a flexible membership with FlexiSail, book an appointment with the team by clicking this link and get all your questions answered. Get ready to embark on a new sailing adventure with FlexiSail’s Yaw membership option!