Cruising Association on the Foredeck Stage at Southampton International Boat Show

The Cruising Association will once again be sharing its specialist knowledge with visitors to the Southampton International Boat Show, 15-24 September 2023. Visitors can catch up with the CA on our stand and be informed and inspired through our range of talks on the Foredeck Stage.

Located in Ocean Hall, the Foredeck Stage is at the heart of Southampton International Boat Show, featuring daily talks, panel discussions and workshops by keynote speakers and experts.

The CA talks focus on issues you may encounter when cruising, whether it be local waters or further afield, covering Channel paperwork, orcas and a conversation with record-breaking sailor Jeanne Socrates. These talks are a great opportunity to engage first-hand with the expertise for which the CA is renowned.

If you are visiting Southampton International Boat Show do head to the CA on Stand J419 in Ocean Hall. We have plenty on for you to enjoy and will be delighted to talk all things cruising and showcase how CA membership will enhance your time on and off the water. Find out more www.theca.org.uk/southamptonboatshow.

CA talks on the Foredeck Stage
Date Time Talk Details
Monday 18 September

Bob Garrett

1500-1530 hrs Channel Crossing Procedures – Processes & Experience
Bob Garrett, Joint Channel Secretary, The Cruising Association2023 is the third year in which those crossing the English Channel have had extra processes imposed for checking in and out of the UK and France.Through its understanding of the regulations, its contacts with authorities and its Honorary Local Representatives, the CA has been able to provide guidance on the changing processes as well as gather and share actual experiences from its 1,398 Channel Section members. Bob will summarise the current situation, provide guidance on the changing processes for checking in and out of the UK and France and look to the future changes expected in 2024 and beyond. He will give relevant and practical advice to enable you to cruise to France with confidence, knowing you are prepared with the changes to date along with the paperwork and processes implemented since the UK left the EU.
Thursday 21 September

Jeanne Socrates

1530-1600 hrs In conversation with Jeanne Socrates and Katy Stickland, Editor of Practical Boat Owner Magazine

Celebrating ‘Women in Marine Day’, the CA and Practical Boat Owner (PBO) magazine have teamed up to host a conversation with record-breaking sailor and CA member Jeanne Socrates, who at age 81 proves age is just a number.

Jeanne has charted an extraordinary journey, notably completing 4.5 circumnavigations. In 2013 aged 70, she became the oldest woman to complete a solo circumnavigation via the Five Great Capes of the Southern Ocean. Aged 77, in 2018/2019 she became the oldest person to complete an eastabout non-stop, solo, unassisted circumnavigation in 339 days.

Jeanne embarked on her latest journey in April 2023, sailing solo across the Pacific from Mexico to New Zealand and on to Australia, stopping along the way at various Pacific Islands. Join us to discover more about Jeanne’s remarkable life, learn from her vast experience and broaden your cruising horizons.

Friday 22 September

John Burbeck

1600-1630 hrs Orca and Yachts: What has been learnt over the past 4 years
John Burbeck, member of the CA Regulatory & Technical Services group (RATS) and CA Orca Project Lead
The CA is committed to sharing knowledge and enhancing research on the phenomenon of orca interactions along the Iberian Peninsula. John will share valuable insights on the current understanding gained from orca experiences over the past years. He will present data on orca interactions, changing patterns of orca behaviour, reporting platforms, analysis, lessons learnt over the past four years, and the progress made to identify solutions to the phenomenon.John will also share advice on how to stay safe and take responsible deterrent measures when cruising through the affected areas.
Saturday 23 September

John Burbeck

1600-1630 hrs Orca and Yachts: What has been learnt over the past 4 years
John Burbeck, member of the CA Regulatory & Technical Services group (RATS) and CA Orca Project Lead
For those unable to attend the Friday talk and to ensure we reach a wide audience, the CA will host a second talk on this popular topic. Talk summary as above.

Head over to the Foredeck Stage in Ocean Hall to hear from a range of speakers – and you are guaranteed to learn a thing or two! The Foredeck Stage is sponsored by Practical Boat Owner and Yachting Monthly and you can view the full schedule of talks here.