Dufour 37: Achieving Dual Awards and Worldwide Recognition

The Dufour 37 is making waves in the global sailing community, having proudly won two prestigious awards. Winning the Innovation Award during its Genoa launch and more recently, the 37 was crowned Best Boat of the Year by the renowned American magazine SAIL. With its exceptional features, this outstanding yacht is now embarking on a world tour, showcasing its prowess at boat shows from Düsseldorf to Miami and beyond. The upcoming Southampton Boat Show is eagerly anticipated as it will mark the Dufour 37’s UK debut and will undoubtedly capture significant attention.

Sailing innovation at its finest

These accolades showered upon the Dufour 37 are a testament to its remarkable performance and living spaces, rivalling those found on larger vessels. SAIL MAGAZINE best summarises its impact: “The first surprise is how the boat feels on deck and below. The generous cockpit flaunts long settees and twin wheels that enhance the flow of movement. The focal point, a folding table nestled between the settees, offers an ideal spot for entertaining while anchored. A unique touch that typically graces larger yachts, the drop transom with a plancha grill beckons, making a bold statement.”

A masterpiece in design and engineering

The Dufour 37 stands as an outstanding example of design and engineering prowess. Its distinctive profile, amplified by deeper forefoot and fuller bow sections, delivers an impressively sleek appearance whilst equally robust in challenging head seas. Dufour’s innovative foam-cored infusion construction technique is the secret behind its agility and lightness, resulting in a svelte 15,000 pounds of displacement.

Below the waterline, the Dufour 37 boasts a single spade rudder paired with an L-shaped fin keel with a bulb. The dual wheels at the helm provide an immediate response, ensuring an exhilarating sailing experience. Even less experienced sailors will appreciate the yachts’ stability, thanks to its pronounced hard hull chine, which maintains an 18-degree heel even during gusts, while its agility rewards adept helmsmen.

Revolutionising sailing standards

The Dufour 37 is more than a yacht; it’s a movement redefining sailing standards. Modernity meets tradition with an integrated forward sun deck adorned with an inflatable lounging pad, exuding contemporary aesthetics. It epitomises Dufour’s ethos, seamlessly merging innovation with its signature elements.

Navigating Towards the Future

As the Dufour 37’s sails are filled with the wind of global recognition, its exceptional performance, impressive design, and ingenious features continue to captivate sailing aficionados worldwide. The yacht’s journey is paved with accolades, signalling Dufour’s ongoing commitment to propelling sailing into uncharted waters.

The  UK debut of the Dufour 37, the world premiere of the Dufour 41, along with the  Dufour 470 will be available to view at the Southampton International Boat Show on Berths M315, M317, M321, M329 and M331. 

Universal Yachting extends a warm invitation to boating enthusiasts and industry professionals alike to discover the wonderful world of Dufour Yachts and explore their unique fusion of innovative design, unrivalled comfort and superb performance. Renowned for creating yachts that celebrate maritime excellence with adventure and luxury, it is essential to see them firsthand to appreciate their outstanding qualities.

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