Expert Advice and Discounts at Ardent Training’s Stand in Southampton International Boat Show

The Southampton Boat Show is just around the corner and Ardent Training is excited to be part of it! Our team of world-class professional sailors and RYA instructors will be at our stand, bringing with them incredible opportunities for every boat enthusiast. We are offering free advice and action plans to help you achieve your goals, hands-on with our online courses, and even a chance to win a hamper worth over £164.45. Plus, take advantage of our show discount which includes £50 off when you sign up for one of our courses on the day and get a free book with every purchase. Read on to know more about what Ardent Training can offer.

1. Free Advice and Action Plans from Our World-class Professional Sailors and RYA Instructors

If you have an ambition to become a better sailor or want to improve your boating skills, our team of professional sailors and RYA instructors is here to help. They will provide you with free advice and action plans that you can immediately apply to get better results. With years of experience in the field of sailing, our team can offer you actionable insights and strategies that you will find useful in achieving your boating goals.

2. Hands-on with Our Online Courses

Experience firsthand our online courses and learn from the experts. We have extensive online courses and resources to suit your experience and needs. Our courses range from basic through to advanced levels. Our courses include quizzes, interactive activities, and practical exercises to help you develop your skills and knowledge.

3. Special Discounts and Freebies

We understand that boat enthusiasts are enthusiastic about learning and developing their skills. To show our appreciation and to make our courses more accessible in a difficult year, we are offering special discounts and freebies to those who sign up and purchase from our stand. You will receive £50 off and get a free book with any course purchased on the day. Plus, we have a hamper prize draw worth over £164.45 for one lucky attendee (no purchase necessary)!

4. Convenient Course Delivery

Our courses are available online, making it convenient for you to learn at your own pace and time. All you need is a stable internet connection and a laptop, tablet, or smart phone, and you can take our courses anywhere, anytime. It is the ultimate flexible learning, so you can fit our courses into your busy lifestyle. Thanks to our well-thought delivery, you get to enjoy the practical and theoretical aspects of the courses.

5. Expert Training and Personalized Education

At Ardent Training, we pride ourselves on offering outstanding training and personalized education to all of our students. We understand that everyone has different skill sets and educational backgrounds, so we tailor our courses to suit everyone’s unique needs. Our free trials are comprehensive, so you get a full picture of what you’re signing up for, and our instructors take a personalized approach so you receive tailored attention. With our team, you don’t just learn – you gain knowledge and expertise that you can apply in the real world.


Come and visit the Ardent Training stand in the Southampton International Boat Show and take advantage of the excellent opportunities we have available. Our team of professional sailors and RYA instructors can offer you free advice and action plans, and our online courses will revolutionize your learning experience. Plus, you will enjoy special discounts and freebies, including £50 off any course purchased on the day, and a free book with any purchase. Don’t forget about our hamper prize draw worth over £164.45, which could make your trip to the show even more memorable. Book your tickets now and come to see us!