Mini Fisher – Maximum Fun (New To The UK Market)

Comfortable and fun motorboat

The cabin boat is an extremely popular motorboat that offers both comfort and a high fun factor. It is ideal for leisure and fishing trips with family and friends.

The spacious cabin of the cabin cruiser is laid out in a V-shape and offers comfortable sleeping accommodation for two adults. If necessary, the central part of the lying surface can be quickly removed to make room for seating or a more comfortable passage. In addition, the boat has two large storage compartments on the deck that can be used as additional seating.

With a total height of approx. 2.0 m (including trailer), the cabin boat fits easily into almost any conventional car garage, which offers inexpensive accommodation options, especially in the off-season. It is approved for up to four people and can be used in coastal waters, large bays, rivers and lakes where wave heights of up to 2.0 m and wind speeds of up to 6 can occur.

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