Remoran Wave 3 Hydrogenerators

Come and see the new Remoran Wave 3 range of Hydrogenerators on the Advance Yacht Systems stand J333 in Ocean Hall.

The Remoran Wave 3 can generate up to 300W from just 3 knots allowing you to produce power as you sail without any emissions or noise. Unlike solar panels the Remoran Wave 3 will produce power even when at night or when it’s cloudy. In addition, you can also generate power when sailing with the wind unlike a wind turbine.

Each Remoran Wave 3 is supplied as a complete package including:

  • Remoran Wave 3 outboard unit with fixed cable (2m), female connector and cap

  • Remoran Charger 300W

  • Generator cable 2m with male connector and cap

  • Mounting rail

  • Mounting accessories kit

  • Ferrite filter

  • Mounting instructions

“The Remoran Wave 3GS is a beautifully made piece of kit. It simply sits on the back of the boat and delivers power to our batteries mile after mile. It saw us happily from England to the Canaries, and we’re confident that it will keep us charged up all the way across the Atlantic. I’m thrilled to bits with the unit, and the installation. The support we got from Remoran and Advance Yacht Systems couldn’t be faulted. Installation went without a hitch, and the unit’s been completely reliable.” – Mike Hutchinson, Oyster 53 “Distraction”