Designed for boats up to 20 feet in length, Bennett Self-Levelling Trim Tab Kits are a cost effective and incredibly easy to fit trim tab solution for smaller boats.

Quick and easy installation with no wiring or control switch to fit, simply mount the actuators and trim tabs on the transom and enjoy the benefits of improved boat performance and reduced fuel costs.

There are 3 mounting options to easily change the lift from the tabs, a heavy duty stainless steel spring loaded actuator has a removable pin to adjust the setting, once done the actuator will automatically level the boat bringing it onto the plane earlier.

There are two options of SLT:
• SLT6 6″ x 8″ Tabs (Recommended for boats up to 16′)
• SLT10 10″ x 10″ Tabs (Recommended for boats 17′-20′)

• Three mounting options to easily change lift
• Plane at lower speeds
• Improve your hole shot
• Reduce fuel consumption
• Minimise labouring of engines
• Minimise hull stress through pounding
• Reduce boat wake
• Eliminate squatting, listing, porposing and chine walking
• Improve safety with better visibility
• Increase speed whilst reducing fuel consumption

Product Price
£200 inc VAT