AMPRO™ Bio Resin

Introducing the Ampro Bio by Gurit, which has the highest bio content on the market. The epoxy is perfect for the repair and refit of wooden structures and interiors due to its rapid cure at temperatures as low as +5°C and its flexibility of use in multiple applications.

The AMPRO™ range includes a bio-based alternative. The more environmentally friendly AMPRO™ BIO option does not compromise on performance, retaining all of the key properties you would expect from a state-of-the-art multi-purpose epoxy. It was developed using chemicals derived from plant-based materials that are by-products of the food chain rather than petro-chemicals. Thanks to the 40% bio-content, AMPRO™ BIO is a more sustainable product, which has a richer colour and further enhances the natural grain of the wood being coated. Alongside the sustainability benefits, the complete AMPRO™ range mirrors Gurit’s commitment to health and safety using base chemicals with low hazards to minimise the risk to users.

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