Polarshine® marine cleaning product range is designed to meet the specific demands of the boating community. The new offering will provide boat owners with a full spectrum of products to ensure their boats continue to look as good as new, like the day they arrived at the marina.

Depending on the surfaces and the level of cleaning power required, the products in the marine cleaning range have been designed and developed to provide effortless and effective cleaning of surface stains on boats. The Polarshine® Marine Boat Wash can be used on sensitive surfaces, stubborn dirt and for the cleaning of outboard engine hoods & cowlings. The Polarshine® Marine Deep Clean removes stains that accumulate over time on the hull and waterline that make a boat look tired and old. The final two products in the range are the Polarshine® Marine Final Finish, a high quality finishing agent that protects and cleans a well finished gelcoat surface, and the Polarshine® Marine Shield that protects the boat from UV radiation, salt water, oxidation and other challenges that boat owners face year in, year out .

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