The CMCE Marine device works by absorbing and compensating the charges of the electric field during navigation, these charges are derived to the ground system, which in turn diverts them to the water, generating a protection shield on the boat that camouflages it against atmospheric discharges.

The SERTEC CMCE MARINE operates as a passive sensor system that provides permanent protection by balancing and deionising the effects of atmospheric phenomena using one or more compensators. By stabilising the existing electric field in its environment, it creates a ‘shield’ that cancels the formation of the ascending tracer by draining the electric charges to the earth or surrounding water in harmless milliamperes. This eliminates the formation of lightning within the protected area.

Each capacitor has one of its electrodes referenced to the ground system which is charged with the same polarity as it. The free electrode induces atmospheric charges of opposite polarity to the ground system, balancing internally between its electrodes. This generates a flow of charges to the ground system, which are absorbed from the atmosphere, not allowing the formation of lightning.