Want to be a part of making UK boating more environmentally sustainable?

The demand for support, advice and resources from The Green Blue has never been stronger, with a heightened interest from the recreational boating community in how we can be part of the solution to minimise our plastic pollution and other impacts boating may have on our environment.

The Green Blue has been working closely with the recreational boating sector, helping them adopt environmental best practice to minimise any impacts on our inland and coastal waters, habitats and wildlife – with a particular focus on our Marine Protected Areas and preventing the spread of harmful Invasive Non-Native Species (INNS). Campaign Manager, Kate Fortnam, was delighted to announce the launch of The Green Blue’s brand new website at TheYachtMarket.com Southampton Boat Show 2018. The new site features up-to-date bespoke information and resources aimed at helping make boating activities and operations more sustainable. New resources to look out for in the future are The Green Blue’s video guide for marina operators and an online ‘Sustainable Event Toolkit’ for clubs and event organisers looking to make their event more environmentally sustainable and gain recognition for their achievements.

The Green Blue has also been developing a new sustainability section for boating websites – where best practice videos can be uploaded, top tip graphics can be added to email footers and posted on social media, informative articles can be included in newsletters, as well as eye catching posters and a range of best practice guides. Environmental awareness training has been provided to individual boaters, instructors, clubs, training centres and boating businesses – enabling them to raise awareness and adopt best practice in their day-to-day boating activities and operations. Just a few examples of best practice include recycling bins, water refilling stations, washdown systems at marinas to collect antifoul residue and biofouling that contains INNS and encouraging the use of ground sheets for boat owners to place under their boats to capture paint drips and scrapings for easy disposal so it does not enter and pollute our waters. By working towards an environmentally selfregulating boating community, The Green Blue aims to help boaters minimise the impact they have on the environment and safeguard the waters and habitats we enjoy and rely on for the future. For more details, visit thegreenblue.org.uk or contact Kate Fortnam on 023 8060 4227 or you can also email at kate.fortnam@thegreenblue.org.uk.

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